Tak tohle tu asi ještě nebylo. Trojice Clarkson, Hammond, May, ale i celý štáb The Grand Tour jsou obviněni z toho, že Jurij Postnikovovi, zakladateli malé automobilky Partisan Motors ukradli nápad na scénář k třináctému dílu třetí série The Grand Tour, který je znám také jako Mongolský speciál.

Kdo z vás ho neviděl, v rychlosti vysvětlíme, o co jde. Trojice moderátorů byla v rámci tohoto dílu vysazena kdesi v mongolské pustině. Následně jim tam z vrtulníků produkce shodí několik beden s různými díly z různých aut. Úkolem moderátorů bylo z toho složit nějaké auto a pak se dostat do civilizace. To se jim samozřejmě povedlo, ačkoliv jejich povoz, který pojmenovali jako John, byl opravdu hodně zvláštní.

Má to ale háček. Jurij tvrdí, že ho produkce seriálu už před pár lety kontaktovala s tím, jestli by se se svým offroadem Partisan One nechtěl zúčastnit natáčení show. Tehdy podle Jurije ještě nebylo jasné, jaký scénář mají producenti v hlavě a byl to prý právě on, který přišel s nápadem shodit moderátorům auto v krabicích, aby si ho mohli složit. Jeho model Partisan One se totiž mimo jiné může pochlubit tím, že jde složit prakticky kdekoliv.

Jenomže poté, co tento nápad produkci, jejíž součástí je i Clarkson, sdělil a ta nadšeně souhlasila, prý veškeré komunikace utichly. Když se Postnikov začal ptát, kde je problém, odpovědí mu bylo jen to, že show teď na takový projekt nemá finance. Jaké ale bylo jeho překvapení, když pak zjistil, že produkce natočila právě Mongolský speciál, který jako by z oka vypadl tomu, co vymyslel. Jediný rozdíl je v použitém autě.

The Grand Tour možná po třetí sérii skončí

Jurij se proto obrátil na server Carsoops, který celý příběh převyprávěl a doložil to také skicami, které v rámci příprav na natáčení nakreslil, a které jsou datovány 24. 1. 2018, tedy do doby, kdy bylo do tohoto inkriminovaného dílu opravdu daleko, což by přípravám odpovídalo. Ale fakt je, že prakticky nic nedokazují.

Carscoops se samozřejmě obrátili na produkci, konkrétně jejího šéfa Andy Wilmana, s dotazem, co je na tom pravdy. Ten jim odpověděl, že sice s Jurijem v kontaktu byli, ale v úplných počátcích přípravy tohoto speciálu a navíc už věděli, o čem má celé natáčení být. Původně prý opravdu chtěli využít offroad od Partisan Motors, ale později si to rozmysleli. Nic víc v tom prý není a tato obvinění jsou podle něj směšná. Navíc je prý zatím Postnikov ani nekontaktoval, takže neví, co vlastně chce.

PARTISAN MOTORSMagdeburgGermanyPRESS INFORMATION5 April 2019The Russian engineer accused Jeremy Clarkson of stealing and will demand that the 13th episode of the third season of the Grand Tour program be retaped in court. In 2017, Partisan Motors, represented by its founding father Yuri Postnikov, introduced the Partisan One prototype. The off-road vehicle aroused a flurry of interest around the world, with publications about it on the websites of all major automotive and business online resources. After that, Mr. Postnikov was approached by the producers of the Grand Tour program with a proposal for cooperation. Mr. Postnikov developed a creative project scenario in which the Partisan One car – one of the characteristics of which is the ability to deliver it to the customer for independent assembly in a box – is delivered to the desert in disassembled form. A tent camp is being built there. It is also the assembly site of Partizan. The whole story was not only invented, but also sketched out by Yuri Postnikov and handed over to British partners. However, in the future the Grand Tour program refused to cooperate with Partisan Motors, referring to the lack of funding. Nevertheless, Mr. Postnikov's ideas were implemented in the 13th series of the third season of the Grand Tour, which was presented to the general public on 5 April 2019.Dear ladies and gentlemen, readers, colleagues and friends!We will demand through court that the 13th episode of the 3rd season of the Grand Tour, shot in our script, be reshot with the participation of the car PARTISAN we created, and that all copyright issues be settled with us, and only then can it be shown to a wide audience.For the majority of people it has been known for a long time that copyright is not respected in the world, other people's ideas are scornfully rejected, but if they are willing to use them. Usually, when mentioning such facts of blatant plagiarism, they despise China and sometimes Russia. Such a shameful phenomenon, alas, is not only the fate of these countries, but is also successfully flourishing in the civilized Western world. This is the latest confirmation of this statement, the last case of my engineering practice, which made me think about how I could and should fight such a shameful phenomenon.In the middle of autumn 2017 our company PARTISAN MOTORS presented its first development – the ultimatum SUV PARTISAN, about which the whole world automotive press wrote with enthusiasm, starting with such magazines as MOTOR 1, CAR, Avtoexpress, highly appreciating the simplicity and novelty of design and courage of developers.At the beginning of December 2017 I was approached by Mr. Gavin Whitehead, the producer and director of Grand Tour, who showed genuine interest in the possibilities of using the car developed and built by us in his media project.I, in turn, told him in detail about one of the main ideas that we have put in our concept of the car RARTISAN, namely its modularity, which allows you to pack the entire set to build a car in a box and throw the helicopter in the most inaccessible part of the world, where there are no roads. There, the members of the expedition would be able to assemble it and use it to move around the area, using the instructions and simple tools. All this unusual adventure could be filmed to show the general public. This is the scenario with our PARTISAN in the Grand Tour program and I offered to implement Mr. Whitehead, which he enthusiastically agreed to. We started working correspondence to clarify all the details concerning the technical and organizational issues of the planned joint project. In addition to the film crew, the PARTISAN MOTORS technical support team was supposed to participate in this event. We started to look forward to the implementation of an interesting project. I thought over and drew the whole scenario of our expedition in the form of sketches, so that already at the stage of preparation there would be an opportunity to visually present and show to all participants the essence of the upcoming task and shots of the future exciting film. Here are these pictures.Then, in the phone calls, as well as in the working correspondence, there was a complete calmness… After a while, I called Mr. Whitehead myself to find out the reason for this change. He told me that they didn't have the funding to transfer them at the moment, so unfortunately they had to freeze all the projects until they found the money. But as soon as that happens, they will continue to work on season 3, which will certainly include a bright story I invented with our equally bright PARTISAN. Alas, now it is clear to me that he lied! As you can see from the world media reports, the 3rd season of the Grand Tour show was successfully filmed with an unprecedented scale and astronomical amount of funding from the Amazon in a three-digit millionth amount, but there is no our PARTISAN, although I have a script and plots for it that I have invented and drawn in detail.Here's the 13th episode of the 3rd season of Grand Tour's program, which was presented to the public this Friday, April 5, 2019, repeating the scenario we have developed: the stages of landing crates with helicopter kits, familiarizing Jeremy Clarkson with the assembly instructions, the process of assembling a full-fledged car, and the subsequent journey. Look, compare, see for yourself what is called, personally!This is the factual side of what happened, so that it would be obvious to an outside observer where the legs are growing here, and the viewer understands that his idols from the world's steepest television show about cars slipped him stolen, passing it off as the results of his work and talent. Or maybe they don't have any ideas and talents, except to get into trust in truly talented people who create something new with their own mind and hands, look at them and steal from the whole world? Maybe the whole season is made of the same stolen material, and the presenters themselves – idols of millions of viewers except for the importance of cheeks and throwing cool phrases, can't and are nothing without the stolen ideas of others! Maybe the king is naked!One of the main Christian commandments is "do not steal! Guaranteeing the protection of human property is a powerful motivation for him to work, invent, create his own mind and hands something new on this earth.Even 25-30 years ago it was considered extremely indecent to steal other people's ideas and pass them off as their achievements. Such a person immediately received deserved condemnation and contempt from society, even despite all his previous, perhaps extremely great, merits and achievements. A civilized society rightly rejected and spewed out people like lepers, because they threatened its very existence and further development: why bother and create something if they steal and use it anyway, why bother and do something if they can go and steal? The general spread of such morality would mean only one thing – the fast and inevitable end of our civilization!It is this problem to a greater extent, and not only the fact of obvious theft of ideas and the scenario itself, that worries me so much that I decided to make this incident and my reasoning about it known to the general world community.In today's world, the theft of other people's ideas has become, alas, not only a commonplace and even the norm, but, unfortunately, a sign of valor, which is even commonplace to be proud of. He did not steal, did not deceive, did not use it, so it means that the sucker, then, a day, a year, life lived in vain…And it is not even the beggars who steal from the rich, but the rich, strong, known from those who are simpler, weaker, unknown, but more talented. They steal not because of extreme need, more often than not without need, for the sake of more money, for the sake of even greater fame, just for the sake of courage, to show their superiority, full of permissiveness and impunity.This problem is so urgent in the modern world that we should shout about it, not keep silent!That is why we want to firmly and loudly declare that ours is ours, that we will not take what is not ours, but we will not simply give ours to anyone and will not forgive, to show the thieves that they will not get away with their pranks.For the same reason, we want to set an example to draw the attention of the entire society to the problem of stealing ideas, to give courage and determination to those who, like us, find themselves in such an unpleasant situation.And we want to tell the dodgy gentlemen from Grand Tour that our company PARTISAN MOTORS invented, built, created the project of the best car for the worst roads in the world PARTISAN, invented and drew sketches of adventure stories with it not so that Mr. Whitehead and his team could enrich and become famous on our works.We strongly advise the gentlemen of the Grand Tour and their masters of Amazon to remove the 13th episode of our script from the 3rd season and not to show it to the world so as not to embarrass themselves. Dr. Yuri E. Postnikov

Zveřejnil(a) Partisan Motors dne Sobota 6. dubna 2019

Výsledek je tedy dost chaotický a je otázka, jestli se někdy někdo dobere pravdě. Postnikov má v plánu žalovat Clarksona, Hammonda i Maye a donutit je díl stáhnout, přetočit s jeho vozem v hlavní roli a až pak znovu pustit na veřejnost. Jsme si ale jisti, že na to Amazon, pod který show patří, nikdy nepřistoupí. A krom toho si Jurij musí uvědomit, že bude stát proti celé armádě velmi schopných právníků Amazonu, kteří na něm nenechají nit suchou.

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Sami jsme zvědaví, jak tohle celé dopadne, ale nemyslíme si, že pro Juriho uspokojivě…